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Your'e not in the Book anymore Lord


Gillian Dickenson


You’re not in the Book anymore LORD,

That You dictated clear and plain,

For the aspirations of inspiration,

Of men, now dictate it again.


You’re no longer ‘from everlasting’,

But from ‘ancient times’, they say,

Born of a ‘young woman’ not ‘virgin’,

You’re just ‘one’ and not ‘The’ way.


You’re not called the ‘only begotten’,

Just a ‘son’, an obedient child,

Nobody falls down and ‘worships’ You,

And You’re only meek and mild.


There’s no longer a witness in Heaven,

And the rich easily enter in,

For You do not ‘call to repentance’

And Your ‘blood’ doesn’t save from sin.


You no longer quote the prophets,

You’re now ‘Jesus’ not ‘Christ’ or Lord’,

And You never said to Satan,

‘Get thee behind me’ or ‘By every word’.


You didn’t meet the adulterous woman,

And your ‘father’ is Joseph, I see,

You’re no longer the One ‘in Heaven’

And You don’t say ‘believe on me’.


You didn’t condemn adultery,

Or greed, or say ‘count the cost’.

You talk no more of the ‘chosen’ and ‘called’,

And don’t seek to ‘save the lost’.


You only teach part of the Lord’s prayer,

You don’t tell us the cross to ‘take up’,

And when You pray in the garden,

You don’t even mention the ‘cup’!


The cock didn’t crow for Peter,

And you never described hell so,

You don’t say how to be forgiven,

To the leaders You never said ‘Woe!’


The Kingdom of God is ‘the kingdom’

You’re not ‘equal with God’ they say,

You’re not the ‘Rock’ but One ‘well built’,

And Calvary’s sun didn’t darken that day.


When You last spoke to Your disciples

You said ‘tarry’ but didn’t say where!

And they didn’t see Your hands and side,

Or watch You ascend through the air.


In fact, as I read ‘better’ versions,

And endeavour to really look,

I can’t seem to find You at all Lord,

They took You right out of Your Book!


But I know You’re still here in ‘my’ Bible,

In this Authorised Word, ‘Praise His Name!’

And in Your own true living record,

You ‘changeth not’ but are ever the same.



John Wycliffe 1320-1384

John Wycliffe 1320-1384


John 10:9 I am the door: by me if any man enter in, he shall be saved, and shall go in and out, and find pasture.




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