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Crippled Within

William West

(John 5:2-14)

On a bed of defilement crippled by sin
The sins of Adam without and within
I've lain on this bed for thirty-eight years
By the pool of Bethesda tormented by fear
O to be whole to walk among men
But I have no man, not even a friend
Let the angel trouble the waters for other poor souls
I'll lay here with longing; I want to be whole
Crippled and worthless at the mercy of all
God must not hear when I cry out and call
There is no hope to walk among men
The sins of Adam without and within
Today is the Sabbath to worship and pray
Neither temple nor pool I'll reach today
All have sinned as well as me
The justice of God I fail to see
They say God is holy, majestic and high
Where Cherubs dwell and seraphim fly
Yet I am just a creature lowly and lame
Still I cry out for mercy and call on his name
Now who is this man that stands by my bed
Does he know of my sorrow and life that I've led
His eyes have compassion of a close friend
Does he know I am crippled without and within
Then he speaks with a voice that stirs my soul
And ask of my longing will thou be made whole
Do I have a choice -What a strange thing to say?
To a man so crippled this Sabbath day
I have no man sir, to take me down
To this pool of Bethesda where healing is found
With a voice of authority, my ears never heard
Arise take your bed, these were his words
Strength now comes and I arise
With bed under arm and tears in my eyes
I can walk to the temple and there go in
No longer crippled without, but crippled within
I turned to this stranger, but what can I say
On this wonderful Sabbath, but he walks away
With joy and laughter walking among men
Praising Jehovah and looking for him
With men bed under arm, I am rebuked and told
'Tis the Sabbath unlawful to carry my load
But he that healed me said take up this bed
Rejoice brethren; I am alive from the dead
Inside the temple yet down on my knees
Thanking my God for hearing my pleas
Search me O Lord reveal my heart of sin
For I am healed without, but what of within
I did not find him, but he sought me
This wonderful prophet from Galilee
He spoke and revealed that I was not whole
For sin is the dross that damns the soul
Since that day, I've learned he is more than a friend
But the Alpha and Omega, the beginning and end
For you may not be crippled and believe you are well
But it is better to be lame then cast into Hell
For you are defiled and this you should dread
When Jesus shall judge the quick and the dead
Arise to the pool that cleanse from sin
For the blood of God heals the crippled within

John Wycliffe 1320-1384

John Wycliffe 1320-1384


John 10:9 I am the door: by me if any man enter in, he shall be saved, and shall go in and out, and find pasture.





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